Continuous Improvement

Our parts go

 to some of the reputed Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer Manufacturers as Original Equipment. Our price and Quality has helped them cut down their manufacturing costs and improve on Quality Aspects as well. We continue to enjoy the support of our reputed Clients and look out for ways to cut down their manufacturing costs and look towards a Continuous Quality Improvement. 

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Customer Confidence

Reubicon International

was formed as a Texas Corporation in 2005 to supply Quality Concrete mixer replacement parts for the ready mix industry. Reubicon International Inc has its Quality Control Engineers and its associated manufacturing Units who manufacture parts with concentration in Quality and timely deliveries with most manufacturing Units being ISO 9001 and TS Certified Companies. The products manufactured by some of the manufacturing Units go on Quality Assurance basis and JIT.

Growing Parts List

Beginning with

a small number of parts for the Truck Mounted Concrete Mixers and only a few clients. Today, Reubicon International has a number of Customers and a long list of parts due to the Customer’s confidence in the Quality and competitively priced parts supplied to them.

Reliable Quality and Competitive Prices

At Reubicon International Inc we know that we exist and prosper only because of the Customer and know that Quality is the key to delivering value for money to our Customers. We always aim at “FIRST TIME RIGHT”

Today Reubicon International Inc supplies parts in United States and Canada and other Countries overseas. Reubicon International Inc also helps its clients with the redesigning of their products in order to cut down the product cost.Making sure that the customers save money, is consistently at the centre of our desicion making.One shouldn't help but be impressed with the progress that Reubicon has made in transitioning itself from a few parts supplier to a full fledged Parts Distribution Company.

Reubicon is planning to position itself in to MANUFACTURING, with our expertise leading the way.As cost-cutting and buying a good product at good price - becomes the centre of all business - look for Reubicon to make its presence felt.